What is SEO and why does my website need it?

What is SEO and why does my website need it?

Search Engine Optimization on a basic level.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is a process used by many web developers in order to help your website get ranked in search engines like googlebingyahoo, and others. Having a good or bad SEO audit can make or break the amount of traffic you get to your website, as well as the quality. For example, if your audit is bad or non existent, chances are you won’t be found by your customers on Google. On the other hand, if your SEO audit is done professionally, your customers will easily find you and thus you will get more organic traffic.

How much does Search Engine Optimization cost to implement?

Now we get into the gritty stuff. Truth is it doesn’t cost all that much for the value you get out of it. In general, you can expect to pay $50-$100 per hour for a professional SEO Audit. Depending on the size of the website, it could only take an hour, and could boost your leads by a lot. For bigger companies, an audit could cost multiple thousands of dollars. In conclusion, if you’re running a small business and need to be found on google, you can expect to pay around $50-200. If not, the prices could go much higher. The important thing to remember, is it will always be worth it. More people finding you means more leads which means more sales.

Need to get an SEO audit done for your small business?

Sundaze Digital offers SEO for a very affordable price. Request a quote from our website and mention the code ‘SEO-BLOG-FREE’ and we’ll do your audit for free when you purchase a website from us.

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