3 Reasons to get a custom websites instead of a free template website.

3 Reasons to get a custom websites instead of a free template website.

Overview – Custom website vs website builder.

There’s a lot of website building programs you can make use of, but it’s important to know the difference between a site from Wix.com or another website builder, versus a custom designed and developed website from an industry professional. Many website builders are free or charge a small enough fee, but as most people know, if it’s free or low cost, you will be compromising on some key features that you need to have an effective and worthwhile website.

1. Website builders often use subscription based payments that could cost you more overtime.

You read that right, a lot of website builders rely on subscription based services to generate revenue. Although you will be paying less upfront, these costs can stack up overtime. Wix.com for example, starts 5$ US a month if you want to connect your own domain. At this price, Wix still displays their own ads on YOUR web page, not to mention you only get 1GB of bandwidth and 500MB of storage. This could cause a lot of issues for you and your potential customers. Another option is Squarespace, starting at 12$ USD a month. You get a lot more than Wix, but still, without core components like the ability to add custom CSS and JavaScript means your site will not be able to have any truly unique design or functionality.

2. Standing out is unique online, and website builders make that difficult compared to a custom website.

Having a unique brand design is so important in our era, as more and more businesses are getting websites everyday. A custom website can truly help you stand out and “wow” your customers when they visit your website. Website builders make use of templates, which all of their users have access to. This means that there will be many other businesses having a site looking very similar to yours, this is not good. For example, take a look at this website made with Squarespace. There is nothing unique about this. More importantly there’s no real call to action or interaction elements other than a welcome button. Take a moment to imagine how many other sites look exactly like this! Now take a look at this website. You can see from the first glance how much more unique and beautiful it is. This is why you need a custom web design!

3. Your website NEEDS functionality, and it’s a lot easier with a custom website!

Weather you want to believe it or not, your website absolutely needs functionality that’s truly unique to your business. Think of everything you do day-to-day that could be solved with the use of your website. For example giving someone a price quote. With a little bit of JavaScript and a form, you can let your uses get a quote right on your website without having to assist them. Web developers are here to help you out, let them! Almost anything is possible on the web, but not when you choose to use a website builder. It also goes beyond service-type functionality. A web designer can give your website a seamless user flow that will attract them to certain areas of your website without confusing or overwhelming the user, as well as adding in interaction animations to keep the user engaged and on your site for longer!

Hope you learnt something new!

Keep in mind these key points when deciding what approach you take to your business’ website. It’s a really important decision! In almost all cases, I encourage people to hire a web designer or developer. Remember, if you take your business seriously, you should invest in a custom website 100% of the time!

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